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Friday, November 12, 2010

Gardening- Importance in Our Lives

When we have a small or large open space each one of us dreams of having a part of nature with us. Gardening is a best part to bring a beautiful small part of the wonderful nature amongst us. It has been thought of as only people having the 'green thumb' can grow plants adn have a good garden. But this is not true. With a small amount of effort and nurturing everyone can grow simple plants and enjoy nature and refresh our minds.
Looking at a beautiful garden in the morning and enjoying the fresh air amongst plants is a surreal experience. It cannot be described in words and only the person experiencing it will mention about the aesthetic experience which caters to all our senses. A garden need not be very large and spanning over miles. Even a small terrace or a open balcony is sufficient to create this magic. One can plant different coloured flowering plants and see different shades of nature. Even the green in nature has many shades as no two plants have the same colour. If you notice carefully even the same breed plant has some or the other individual difference in their shade. A variety of greens can be observed in the simple foliage plants and it is also scientifically proved that the colour green is very good for the heart.
Go in for very basic plants like the money plant which does not require much care. So if you are still not having a garden or have not though about gardening as your cup of tea ..go ahead and bring some simple plants to begin with. I am sure with little care you will be successful in bringing a part of God's nature under your roof.

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