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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beautiful Colourful Petunia Flowers

Single Pink Petunia Flower
Bunches of Baby Pink Petunia Flowers
The best season for petunias is from October till May. Planting is done after the rains as these do not tolerate heavy rains. Seasonal flowering but it is worth the show!
Plants grow from seeds and are not transplanted by cuttings.
Watering care is most important as they need well draining soil. The roots are very delicate and do not tolerate more water. Even dry spells are not good for the plant as the delicate roots dry up very fast. Regular watering is required daily. Best grown in hanging baskets.

Wide mouthed basket of cane layered with dried roots and dead foliage act as nourishment to this plant. Fertilize it with salts and compost for more flowering but do not over do it.There are a variety of colours and patterns available in this type of flowering plants. And new shades are always added every year by cross breeding seeds of the original colours.
Shaded Purple Petunia Flower

Red Shaded Petunia Flower

Single Purple Petunia Flower
Purple Petunias in Full Bloom
They always flower in bunches and hence quite a number of flowers are always visble on the plant. This is a very nice way of bringing colour in your garden,balcony or window sill. Care must be taken to avoid over watering other wise there is root root and the plant comes out of the pot due to mushy roots.
Too much sunlight also damages the foliage and the green leaves dry out as also the roots dry out resulting in death of the plant. Continuous exposure of direct sunlight must be avoided also keeping in mind that sunlight is very necessary for all flowering plants.Partial shade or place having exposure of sun only during first half of the day is ideal for healthy growth.
The best part is it these plants are available in many colours and flower profusely. They are also cheap and compaed to other flowering plants give more flowers. According to feng shui flowers bring life to the garden and home. Colourful flowers bring positive energy and refresh the environment as well the mood of the viewer. They are the best way to bring colour in your life!

Shaded variety are the most attractive
Beware of the pest attack! they are very delicate and usually attacked by rats and pigeons during summer to cool off during heat. Birds may pluck on the foliage or even uproot the whole plant for getting a cool base to sit!!!! rats can hide below the foliage and nibble on the delicate leaves and flowers. Pinching flowers is also a favorite past time for birds. Cover your plant with a net and place some garden element or black cloth near them to scare the birds. For me a small piece of plastic bag tied around the stems works fine ...till now.....there is daily war of survival with them and I have to be alert to protect my plants from the pigeons.
Also feeding them regularly has kept them satisfied and they do not attack my plants in search for food..
Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You Awesum Luck, Happy Gardening! from my little space under the sun!

All Photographs and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © 2010- Rizwana A.Mundewadi


  1. Hi rizwana,
    I recently have bought petunias. And I have completely fallen in love with them?.. Can i plant 2 petunia saplings in a 12 inch rectangular container?
    Also since petunia does nt bloom in monsoon, will the entire plant also die off?.. Please do gv my yr inputs..thanks in advance

  2. Hello Preeti! I have answered your query by email.
    Yes petunias are amazing showy flowers and I too love these!
    They grow best in small sized hanging baskets and give out more blooms. But you can if you wish to plant in large sized containers , just that you will need more saplings to cover up the area.
    Yes they usually die , during monsoons and you have to plant for the next spring season from seeds.
    Hope this helps!
    Thank you Preeti for coming by Garden Care Simplified!

  3. Thanks rizwana!... However I did not receive a mail.


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