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Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Beautiful Escape by Rizwana Mundewadi

Gardening  forms the important part in my life. The blooming of flowers and the new fresh green leaves emerging gives a fresh and energized new start to the day. I am among the lucky few to have a small terrace garden and I make the most of it!
Close Up of Big Red Amaryllis Flower
Purple Beauty
Purple Petunias
Vibrant Pink and White Bougainvellias
A few collection of photographs from my cherished garden!
Corner Decoration in Garden
the bougainvelleas are the sturdy ones that have been with me for long...true life partners.
The display was some years back. Don't expect to seet eh same garden twice! it keeps changing like our life ...friends come..friends go... life goes on.. some plants bloom better, some die and some flourish.. and some sturdy ones who take my moodiness and climatic torture are to be for lifetime!
The Cloudy Sky
Close Up of The Pink Adenium Flower
Bunch of Adenium Flowers
Single White Rose
The Beautiful Sky Above
Light Pink Petunia Flowers
Close Up of Shaded Pink Petunia Flower


  1. Viewing your window garden is truly a sublime experience!

  2. Thank you Anonymous Welcome to garden care Simplified,
    All the Best from Rizwana!


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