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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flowering Cactus

Flowering Cactus
 This is a very beautiful and attractive plant having green foliage and peach coloured flowers all year long. The green leaves are elongated and cover the spikes/thorns. It has its own protective covering of bright green leaves which conceals the thorns well. This is a good choice for new gardeners as this does not require much care.
Last month during heavy rains it had become very slushy and mushy and the stem started to rot. Well it does not tolerate heavy downpour and it is advisable to keep it under part shade during rainy season. This plant also is a favourite home for butterflies to lay eggs due to the extensive green foliage. My plant had nearly more than fifty eggs and though I felt very bad in cleaning them but I had to save my plant. I have noticed the caterpillars have a voracious appetite and if neglected the plant may succumb to continuous feeding by them.
Water requirements are not much and can be watered on alternate days or when the upper layer of the mud seems dry. Compost may be added after few months to replenish the soil from lost nutrition due to watering.
Attractive but only for those that are comfortable with thorny plants. In Feng Shui it is advisable to avoid plants having thorns but I personally feel as in life there is happiness and sadness one cannot oversee the sad moments as they are the real spice in our lives and they make the happy moments more happier! my husband has selected this plant and even though at first I was reluctant to take care of it , somehow it has made a place in my heart with its attractive flowers and bright green leaves.
Peach Coloured Cactus Flowers

Close Up of Cactus Flower
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