Friday, August 17, 2012

New Healthy Brahma Kamal Plant

Finally after hearing the news of flowering of the Brahma Kamal plant from many place the obsession to see the flower on my plant has led me to feed the plant profusely , take extra care, sing and after every measure to bring the Brahma Kamal to bloom finally I have taken a drastic step, bought another Brahma Kamal plant.
New Brahma Kamal Plant
New Growth in Brahma Kamla Plant
The olden plants collections Brahma Kamal plants of three different plants have been now planted in new fancy containers. Hope to see some progress in the plants now as they have competition!
The Brahma Kamal plants have been fed and now am waiting for the growth spurt. The new Brahma Kamal plant has already sent out new shoots of leaves from the existing leaf. The older planst also lookf resh and green.
Problems with the Growing of Brahma Kamla Plant- My mistakes in growing the Braham kamal plant, first I planted it in very big container, expecting big flowers, but the plant did not grow, after this I planted the plant in a sunny spot receiving full sunlight for most part of the day, the poor plant dried off, leaving behind the stub. Then I shifted the brahma kamal plant in a drier area and the plant took off, but again replanted it since the pot was too small. too many mistakes , but the brahma kamal plants have still survived with me, guess they love me too much.
The main problem in growing my brahma kamal plant was the ants or mites or bugs or spiders. yes they all love this mushy stem plant. As the leaves are soft and fleshy insects like to feed on this brahma kamal plant. Hence whenever the plant took to growing the pests ate up most part of the brahma kamal plant and left holes in the leaves. 
Lessons learned, always plant in small containers, the Brahma kamal plants likes to be root bound. It is touchy does not like shifting places often or transplanting. Regular feeding with fertilizer is required for flowering like any other flowering plant so don't go with the notion and saying of people growing this plant ,that Brahma Kamla plant grows without any care and flowers every year!
. Now I have shifted place and kept the brahma kamal plants away from other plants in the terrace garden. The old plants have now firmly set root in the pots. now I have planted few plants together  in a new fancy container and since then have controlled the urge of transplanting them or touching them, keeping fingers crossed!
wait continues to experience for the blooming of the heavenly fragrant Brahma Kamla anticipation..


  1. Good to hear your story.
    It is November now and I would like to know the progress and if possible want to look at the latest photo.

    My daughters friend had given her a leaf of Brahma Kamala few months back.
    We have planted it in a pot along with another plant in the same pot.
    Though the leaf hasn't dried and looks green, I don't see much growth.
    There are 2 small buds on the edges of the leaf and my daughter thinks that they are the flower buds and will bloom in few weeks or months. Everyday we water the plant and that's all we are doing.

    So, where did you get the plant from or did you plant a seed? How long are you trying to grow the plant.

    1. Please do not water the plant every day..once a week is more than enough

      feed it fertilizer that is required for a cactus to grow.

  2. Hi Narendra, I have been trying and trying singing, scolding, and ignoring! no change. This new plant has taken good in our terrace garden environment.
    The buds come on edges of the leaf and look like like miniature buds. I have had the growths but these came out to turn into a leaf.
    Am happy for you may you get to see the wonderful flower bloom, do keep posted would love to share your experience.

  3. Hi,finally theday has come very excited to see the first bloom of the Brahma Kamalamu blooming at home today.

  4. Hi,finally theday has come very excited to see the first bloom of the Brahma Kamalamu blooming at home today.

  5. WOW! Rama, this is so Awesum, Have a Blessed Experience!Please do share your happiness with me and all readers, of Garden Care Simplified! or you can connect on face book to our group with the same name.
    God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!

  6. Ambarish thanks a lot for this advice and tip, I have shifted my plants to a window sill and adding water sparingly.The plants have taken well to this procedure. Do share what fertilizers help for the flowering, Thanks a lot! God Bless from Rizwana!


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