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Exotic Flowers Anthurium Plants Care and Simple Tips for Flowering

Anthurium plants, exotic flower plant , very much similar to peace lily or any bulb plants with very beautiful unique blooms.International flowers anthuriums grow in cold countries but can be grown well with little care. The dream has finally come true as I had this on the wish list since many years and the main hurdle was the price, yes the plants come at a heavy price.

Anthurium plants are available in different colored blooms. Reds are the most beautiful, followed by baby pink and white. There are also the shaded variety which shows two colored blooms. We have two different color anthurium flower plants and as they stand up with royal stature among the family of all our precious ones they too have taken a love to the space.
The flower of anthurium is like a pod with small off white tiny beads stuck up on the single pod coming out from the beautiful base in heart shape. While drying off the pod goes darker and then turns black and then the bloom withers off.  The flower has been on …

Two Majestic Bonsai Trees Banyan and Tamarind Shared by Our Reader Sudhir Saha

Two majestic aged bonsai trees, Mr Sudhir has shared original photographs with the query about tips and suggestions to get healthy fruits on these beautiful bonsai trees.
Thank you .
Its great that you have love for bonsai trees as this is a specialized plant field. Thank you for the photographs, to be shared on Garden Care Simplified, and hoping we get some genuine tips from plant lovers and our readers.
Two great bonsai trees, banyan is the one that helps gain respect and long life and tamarind gives fruit. I have no personal experience with these but can guide you in basic suggestions.
In Bonsai we have to focus on the top more and allow the roots / soil to be minimized in small containers. Just enough leaves to help the tree make food.
The trees must be kept in partial shaded areas and not allow the surface to be too dry. I guess water has to added only when the surface gets dry. If you have kept it outside then the trees may require more care as from birds and sunli…

Festival of Plants in Thane City Exhibition of Large Variety of Plants for Sale


Biggest Plant Festival in Thane City Exhibition of Different Types of Plants

Biggest plant festival in Thane city has come up so soon this year 2014. Beginning from 17th January  will be for next two days till 19th January 2014.
Like many Thanekars I have waited for this one every year as a lot of rare ones add up to our family.
First night pictures, enjoy!

Snow in my Garden The White Leaves plant Happy 2014 to All Our Readers

This new Year was like snowing in my garden. The white leaf tree had plenty of white tiny flowers, full of white blooms made it appear like snowing on the plant. The whole tree was laden with white flowers. Tiny, unique, beautiful in clusters.
cornus Drumondii Roughleaf Dogwood, as I think it has been stated. The beautiful white flowers are sure attractors for birds and bees. lovely butterflies  been recently visiting our garden along with colorful sweet singing birds this season.
Trekking and hiking refreshed! Karnala Bird Sanctuary.

 caring for this beautiful plant-water regularly and do not skip during flowering season, plant leaf droops with  a single skip of watering also.
Try to keep the shape controlled by pruning  branches to give it a bushy appearance.  In winter The leaf when goes from dark greyish green to light yellow and drop and then clusters of flower buds are seen.
Avoid keeping this plant near strong winds or breezes. Needs regular partial sunlight at least a part  …