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Monday, July 9, 2012

Colourful Flowers of Himachal Pradesh Manali

Lily flowers in Manali Himachal Pradesh
Colourful flowers of Himachal Pradesh. Manali a destination which is surrounded by beautiful snow covered mountains is a tourist spot which is visited from people all over the world. With loads of international tourists some coming for pleasure, some for family trips and some for enlightenment Himachal Pradesh, manali is a beautiful city full of colourful flowers. The Rohtang pass based at the border of ladakh seems so heavenly and is an important destination for all tourists.
Roses in Himachal Pradesh
With my obsession with plants I sure took loads of photographs and observed the plant growth and flower growth here in manali. With red, orange , pink and white, with lilac, blue, yellow all colours! huge flowers and tiny ones, many petalled flowers and single petal ones, bunches and single ones, Himachal pradesh sure has a favorable climate and si fully covered with colourful flowers year round.
Beautiful Flowers in Himalayan Region

Pink Blooms in Buddhist Monastery Manali

Colourful Flowers in Himachal Pradesh Manali

Flowers of Himachal Pradesh

White Roses in Bunches

Big Single Red Rose

Attractive Rose Bushes in Full Bloom
The size of roses is very big and the blooms are quite attractive with red, pink, orange, white..not like here at our place we find it difficult to maintain plants to bloom, in Himachal Pradesh flowering roses and other plants grow like wild plants. Another thing I noticed people rarely pluck the flowers and the plants though loaded with big blooms does not command any attention here as this is an everyday sight, the same plant here would be pounced upon by every dick and harry, as I have seen not only children but also adults immediately pluck the flower and tourists do not even have the decency to give the flower a day with them after plucking and it is thrown somewhere even before they leave the place!(so sad!)
Colourful Flowers of Himachal

Attractive Display

Red Flowers Growing in Wild

White Magnolias in Roerich Art Gallery Himachal Manali

Purple Lilac Flowers in Wild
I would have loved to visit and click closely in the mountains of Rohtang as it was also covered with greenery and yellow day lillies along with beautiful lilac gladiolus flowers, wonder who sowed the bulbs and how do the flowers survive in freezing temperatures, after here we try so hard to sometimes grow some plants, worth thinking..


  1. beautiful flowers.I have been there in the middle of May 2013. Never forgettable memoriess and scenic beauty. Surely will in the winter season.

  2. Thanks Gurjar, yes the place is extremely beautiful, the mountains covered with snow and the colorful flowers, even as I write i am transported to the beautiful place, God's creation!
    Take Care!


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