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The Flowering of Gulmohar/ Flame of Forest

The Gulmohar Tree better known by many as the flame of the forest. Its origin is from foreign country though this tree has adapted itself well to the Indian climatic conditions. Many gulmohar trees can be seen on roads and come summer the trees are laden with red flowers. The view is very beautiful especially if you can see it from above or far off. The red flowers look like a sheet of red covered over the green leaves of the tree. Having a dream of planting Gulmohar hardly did I know that it grows into a beautiful huge tree. My success in growing a gulmohar in a container was all well worth when the plant bloomed and gave red flowers, The green tall tree branch transformed  into beautiful red bursts of colour this May.

 The flower is very beautiful with a red and orange coloured single petal. and red petals. There are five petals and each flower is a master piece created by God. You wonder how the detailed colouring is done and how minute the leaf seems. Many artists are inspired by t…

The Beautiful Rose Garden in Ooty

Making a rose garden is in one of my list to do.As a gardener over many years I have learnt that roses are the king of flowers and they are fragrant and available in many colours and shades. I have a beautiful pink and white shading rose flower plant. There are at least a dozen of rose plants in my garden but they all require special care for blooming. A visist to the garden in ooty has given the idea that roses can be grown in huge sizes, the size of six to seven inches, and what a beautiful view! they sure do get your attention, and definately the rose flower commands attention and respect, no doubt it is the king of flowers.
Ooty is a very beautiful hill station  in India. A heaven on earth and valley of flowers, one can see colourful flowers every where. A welcome guest is the myna bird which are found in many numbers on this hill station. There are also many exotic and rare species of birds found in this valley of flowers.

The very famous rose garden in ootacamund has many varieti…

Crossandra Flower/Aboli Flowers

The aboli flower is a very famous flower of the south in India. Though this is available everywhere the growing procedure may not be so simple. Different colours of flowers are seen. Yellow, blue, orange and peach. I have the peach coloured flowers on my plant. This plant grows from seeds that come after
each bloom. At the end of the flowering bunch when the flowers have dried one can see dried tiny seeds . The plant can be grown with these seeds. Bangalore and Mysore you wills ee many ladies wearing these flowers in hair. Aboli flowers look very beautiful and bright fresh orange and peach coloured flowers.They are available very cheap and can be purchased from any flower seller. These flowers grow in bunches and hence each stem will give a good produce of aboli flowers. This is basically a bush.
Care is requried for this plant as they are prone to attack by pests. White fungus,, ants, and other pests can totally destroy the plant. Water it sparingly and with care as over watering lea…

Rare Orchid Flower

The orchid flower is a very rare and exotic flower. Every gardener dreams of owning an orchid plant and to watch it flower is another beautiful experience. There are many varieties of orchids available in the flower market and all give different flowers. Rare plants are available in rain forests and jungles. Some orchids attach themselves to bigger trees and grow by getting nutrition from that plant. They also grow arieal roots as they have to hang to cling to the host trees. They therefore need well aerated soil where the roots can breathe.
I have been fascinated by this orchid flower as the shape of this flower is very different than other flowers. Owning one is a dream come true, as we all know orchid plants are very costly and rare. Home grown plants are easy to care. The rare species are available in wild settings and one has to go deep into the forests to observe them in their natural habitat. They can be seen clinging to big trees and one hardly notices them, except when they f…

Selecting the Right Container

Selecting the right conatiner for planting is the most important part of success in growing a healthy plant. There are many containers available in the market and one can choose according to sapce available and size of the plant and its variety. Too big a container will over shadow the plant and too small one will not allow healthy growth of the plant. How to choose the right container?
If you have a big garden and have ornamental trees and fruit trees than big drums of palstic or metal would be ideal. As they are tough and will also bear the weight of the plant and sunlight.I have a beautiful cherry tree growing in a container. Orange plant or tree also gives good fruits and can be grown in a big container. Other plants that are flowering or easy growing can eb potted in any container made of mud or ceramic. Remember the size of the plant will indicate the right container for the plant. Vegetables can be grown in tubs and mud or cement containers. Cement ones are the most hardiest an…

Importance of Gardening and Gardening Advice for Beginners

Gardening is becoming more and more of a necessity now adays than just a hobby. Due to climatic changes and ecological imbalance created due to high rise buildings it is all the more necessary to plant trees and shrubs to maintain the balance in the environment. How can we do our part?
By making a small window garden or window box and planting simple and easy growing plants, will help you to improve your environment, as well as give the psychological satisfaction of doing your part for the environment. Now you will wonder how will this make a difference? Well one individual five plants so imagine our population and multiply it to this figure. I am very sure that each one planting few plants will help us to reduce the ecological imbalance that is being created due to construction of high rise towers. Also a green window gives a break from the solid, hard and cold look of the concrete jungle.
The first thought that comes in anyones mind is that they do not have place? there is hardly en…