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Monday, May 7, 2012

Bird of Paradise Colourful Flowering Plants

Bird of paradise
 Bird of paradise, or as these colourful flowers are called are true to their name. The flowers are very attractive and look like a bird. The shape of the flowers and their bright colours give us the feeling of a beautiful bird sitting on the green foliage of this plant.
Red and Yellow Bright flowers
 The plant is grown in form of bulb and does not require much care. The main advantage of growing bulbous and rhizome or tuber plants is that they can tolerate full sunlight. Do not require much water and flower for most of the time even after summers. We have canna plants that are red and yellow flowers and these plants look almost similar to them except for their blooms. The leaves of bird of paradise plants are big and dark green in colour and the showy stalk of the flower comes from the centre of the spiral arrangement of leaves.
Colourful Flowers of Bird of Paradise
 Tips for flowering in Bird of Paradise Plants- Since the plant can tolerate direct sunlight they are best grown under the sun where they can enjoy sunlight for most parts of the day. These plants flower best when grown in pot bound containers. The rhizome or tubers spread from side ways and you get many baby plants from a single rhizome. The plant spreads very fast and if you need frequent flowering then keep the plant  pot bound. Do not over water the plant and another important tip for encouraging flowering, do not cut off the foliage after flowering. It is best to let the leaves of the spent stalk dry of itself , this will let the plant take its own time to complete each cycle of flowering.
Single flower of Bird of Paradise
 The flowers of bird of paradise are evry colourful and you can see red and orange with yellow. Blue and green with yello and many colourful combinations , even purple blue with yellow , and they look just like a colourful bird on the plant . Bird of paradise are often selected in landscapes for dividers and borders and also for centre colourful display.

Colourful flowers


  1. During the beginning of the academic year, fresher’s are sensitized on the importance...evergreen shrubs

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