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Friday, May 11, 2012

Significance of Sighting of Elephant , New Growth on Indoor Plant Seed Pod

 Close up of Elephant God of Hindus

Majestic Elephant
Easy growing Show Plant

Having a glimpse of the elephant in Thane city has become a welcoming sight as the majestic animal is huge and walks gracefully. the gait of the elephant with its heavy weight is worth taking a look at. The elephant is very graceful and sways while it walks. The elephant is considered very auspicious especially in India among the Hindu religion as it is considered an incarnation of God Ganpati., the elephant headed God. Ganesh is considered the God for good luck, wealth and prosperity according to the Hindu religion and is followed universally in the whole country by many religions. People while walking past an elephant do pray and take its blessings and I see people walking or travelling by cars or bikes slow down and touch the elephant foot and pray for its blessings. He looks old and the skin is so very thick and fragelled and I do hope people transfer their feelings of prayers into taking care of elephants as they may be requiring quite a lot of food to eat. most of the elephants, I have read are not treated well by their carers and may be starving.Recently read in news about an injured elephant, God knows how they must be suffering and hungry and we respect them and ask for their blessings, hungry stomachs do not bless you..some one would come up with how to preserve and care for these elephants, would be great.
Our show plant that grows from tubers and has been the toughest plant that has survived all my tantrums has developed a new growth. A seed pod just like  the peace lily has come up from the base of this plant. The plant grows profusely and multiplies very fast.
Beautiful Colourful Dotted Plant
 The seed pod is big and looks like a swollen pod with seed. The plant multiplies along sideways and spreads from the original tuber . This colourful dotted show plant can tolerate direct sunlight and can also grow in partial sunlight. Good for people having green thumb for gardening as this plant does not require much care.
This plant has been growing in most of the pots as this was transferred by the soil mixing from time to time and my efforts to minimize its growth to one container has still not been successful as I do see few new growths in other plant containers also. Very tough and the tuber remains embedded in soil and produces fresh growth every time even from a small piece of the rhizome tuber.
Seed Pod on Our Dotted Plant

Show Indoor Plant New Growth

Close up of seed pod

The Graceful Elephant God
Good luck to all.

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