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Monday, May 14, 2012

Gomphrena Globe Amaranth Dark Pink Ball Shaped Flowers

Globe amaranth Ball shaped Pink Flowering Plant
 The Gomphrena globe Amaranth has bright pink or magenta coloured flowers. This plant grows in full sunlight but can also grow in partial shade. The Amaranth plant likes to have regular watering but can tolerate dry soil and direct sunlight for few hours of the day.
Gomphrena Bright Pink Flowers on Plant
The globe amaranth looks very attractive with its ball or button like lovely bright blooms. Especially during hot summers the plant blooms profusely with the whole plant covered with attractive pink blooms.
Direct sunlight may harm the blooms as the edges turn yellow due to strong rays of sunlight and if you need to preserve the blooms for long it is best to keep this plant in a place where it receives sunlight for some part of the day and not under the scorching sun for full day.
The Amaranth has been growing since ages and in India the flowers are used in gajra or veni, hair decorations for women. The traditional ladies still prefer the veni made of marigold and amaranth flowers as hair decorations. The flowers along with fragrant marigold in yellow and added as high lights of pink looked very attractive as hair decorations and malas.
The amaranth plant will multiply from sides as new growths will appear along with the mother plant. The new plant will get a good growth spurt during rainy season. Flowering season is during summers when the plant is laden with bright vibrant magenta coloured blooms, a good show.
Tips for  flowering in Gomphrena globe amaranth- The plant can be grown in pot a single plant or as borders in garden which receives sunlight for at least some part of the day. Sunlight is very essential for the flowering of any plant. The plant does not need dead heading or trimming of dried flowers but for plants grown in containers or pots it would be good to trim the plant before flowering season to make the plant full grown and in rounded shape. This will encourage flowering from all sides and give a pleasing and vibrant view.
Soil must be well draining and firm for the plant to take root avoid over watering as the root will become mushy and cloggy soil will kill your plant.

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