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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Growing Pulses in our Garden

Close up of Leaf on the  Plant
 Pulses, moong, mat, chavli and others can be grown very easily in containers. Direct sunlight is essential and you get a good harvest even from a plant grown in container. I accidentally got this growth from feeding some pulses for the birds,  some may have sprouted in ideal conditions and the growth was very fast. I had to stop the tendency of pulling out the plant, as it looked like a wild plant growing profusely.
Flowering of Pulses Plant
 The leaves of the plant have three to four sides and are of deep green color that look bright in the sunlight. The pulses plant gives out beautiful small yellow flowers and seed pods that are green at first and when exposed to direct sunlight become dry and brown in colour. When I collected the dried seed pods and removed the seeds the pulses were just the same that we bring from t he grocers, except they were fresh from our garden. I am not usually in favor of growing vegetables and pulses in small quantities , they are not worth the effort, but this was  bonus for us and we accepted this gift from nature.
This is not a creeper or climber but a plant growing upright that has given seeds pods.
Yellow Flowers on Pulses Plant

Dried Seed Pods and the Pulses

Growing of Mat, Moong Pulses  in Containers
This led to the discovery that maybe after few years I may focus on growing vegetables and pulses for our home, but we need many plants growing at a time to give us good amount of each. This would be with the effort with all the adulteration of food in news!

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