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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Free new growth in container orange flowering plant

Beautiful Orange Flower on plant

Bright Orange flower on plant

Unexpected new growth, beautiful orange blooms and yellow flowers. What happens when you grow a garden and plant in numbers and the process goes on and on.. you get unexpected gifts. Yes by purchasing new plants from the nursery I have had many new , unknown plants growing in our containers and I do not even know what variety they are or their name but I do love blooming plants and fragrant ones!
Like all our bulbous plants this plant is also growing happily aside the other plants.
The plant has rooted well and can tolerate direct sunlight and they came along with some new plant or maybe I have planted the seeds I do not remember. After so many years of  terrace gardening I do not remember how many plants we have purchased over the years and how many have left us. Maybe some seeds have remained in the quiet and just when the time is right they have bloomed, or maybe some seeds have come along with new baby plants from the nursery.
This is a beautiful orange flowered plant and along with this is growing the yellow coloured one, I think these are day lillies as they tolerate direct sunlight. The turning over  of soil, loosening   and fertilizing bring up new seeds that may not have rooted immediately after planting at that time, any way it seems so good to have up something  new and  colourful  unexpectedly!


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