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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Flowering of Rare Wild Orchid Plant

Wild Orchid Plants hanging from tree
The wild orchid plants have flowered and the blooms are very unique and different. The plants have been brought from the wild and have a history of one of my adventures in search of new plants. The flower has a single petal that is different and the rest of the flower is of different colour. The orchid plants are rare and very expensive plants and the wild orchid plants are seen hanging from old trunks of huge trees in the wild.
Our plant has sprouted from different sides and each stem has flowering stalks on them. The flowers of orchid have grown in bunches having at least minimum three to five in bunches. The orchid plant growing under partial sunlight has bloomed and does not require much care though regular watering is required for plants grown in containers and planters. These are epiphytic orchids that send out aerial roots for breathing and grow on tree trunks of other trees.
Wild Orchid Plant

Wild Orchid Plant Aerial Roots
            Wild Orchid Sets Buds

The flower of orchid is something mentioning for as the blooms are very attractive. All orchid flowers are attractive and different and many resemble the shape of female organs hence orchids are considered symbols of fertility.
Orchid flowers are available in many varieties and there are at least 30,000 varieties of orchids known. Each orchid is different and with these orchids growing from hilly regions to plateaus and rain forests there is a wide variety in their growing conditions. As we had the lilac flowering orchid that would die after blooming once, and I did not know that the plant would root in water, must remember the next time I get another one. These wild orchids are planted in many pots to keep the species alive and to observe their growth patterns carefully.
Wild Orchid plant care- since the orchid plant has been brought from the jungle it is better to think carefully bout the environment it has come from. Now that we have grown the plant in container I have placed the pot near a big tree so that it gets the support as well as shade required. The plant needs to be watered regularly to maintain the moisture levels. If you have dry air you need to keep water nearby to keep the moisture levels high near the orchid plant. The orchid plant also need some space for the aerial roots to breathe. Regular feedings will also be required as plants growing in containers have limited resources available for making food.
The blooms are different and you need to be an orchid lover to appreciate the blooms! the flowers are asymmetrical and have different coloured petals as well as one single petal is very attractive with design on it.

Wild Orchid Flowers Blooming

Close up of Wild Orchid Flowers in Container

Buds of Wild Orchid Plant

Rare Wild Orchids Growing in Container


  1. Orchids are the most attractive flowers in the world.It is difficult to grow these plants in garden because many of them are of wild varieties and it is difficult to create the accurate environment they need. So before planting orchids it is important to know the variety and whether it can grow in garden . Very nice tips have been provided here to grow wild orchids.

    1. Orchid Care thank you for dropping by my blog, yes the precious Orchids are very difficult to grow, but are really worth the efforts when you get to see the lovely blooms!

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