Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Custard Apple Tree in Container

Custard Apple Tree in Container
My experience and knack to grow different plants led me to try different fruit plants in containers. The custard apple fruit being a favorite I had learned that it is also easy growing fruit plant that gives fruits sooner as compared to other fruit plants.
After buying a custard apple plant the main problem I have had was about sunlight requirements and feedings for the plant which is growing in a container in my terrace garden. The plant has progressed quiet well over the past month after planting it in a huge container. There have at present been no specific feedings except for the daily watering.
I think the plant will give fruits like any other plant after at least five years after planting or if I am lucky it may also flower and fruit earlier. The leaves of the custard apple plant are wide and have dark ridges. The tree in the container looks like a small plant in the beginning but the size of the leaves is okay like a big tree of custard apple.
The fruit custard apple can be used in many dishes and also eaten by itself and it sure is a treat if you get sweet custard apples on your own tree. Two months and the plant has been growing well and new leaves seem to be appearing and growing on the custard apple plant. As I get any new progress will keep posted.
The fruits will appear as tiny small fruits on the plant stems and will grow in size gradually as the fruits mature on the plant itself. I have observed closely this progress on many custard apple plants and thus went ahead with this decision of planting a custard apple plant in a container. The fruits first will appear as tiny green fruits with small nodules on the surface and these fruits will increase in size and as time will go the fruits will turn darker and ripe waiting to be plucked.
Challenges for growing a custard apple plant in container will be the same as I am being faced with the cherry plant in the container on my terrace garden. I do not know whether even these fruits will fall in the beginning or need extra strength since the soil will have limited nutrients in the container, so I have to be prepared with extra care and nutrients and am sure I will be gifted with many tasty custard apple fruits soon!


  1. Good to hear about growing the custard apple tree in a pot. May you have lots of fruit.

  2. Thanks rose I have shared the plant now to be grown in soil, the best for them, and yes I do pray they give lots of fruits to all.
    Take Care and God Bless!

  3. Great to learn about the Custard Apple tree. I am sure you would have many sweet and tasty fruits in time. I have a 4 year old Custard Apple tree in my garden and it has now started giving many fruits. But I have no idea when to start plucking the fruits as they ripen and are ready to eat. And how to ripen it after plucking etc. Is there any one who can help.
    Satyendra Bhandari

  4. Hello Satyendra its so nice that your custard apple tree is giving lots of fruits.
    Am not personally done this, but ripe fruits from trees when they look good sized are removed carefully(very delicate custard apples) and then kept away from sunlight wrapped in either brown bag paper or newspaper to ripen slowly overall.Keep checking for any ready ones as they catch fungus very soon near the eyes of the fruit.
    As for small dark greenish greyish fruits they are not good and turn out to be hard and dry and eventually fall off the tree.
    Hope this helps.
    Take Care!

  5. My plant planted in the soil is giving yellow leaves n leaves are also coming off :(
    Guess it is because of water logging in its vicinity...

    1. Yes Rakesh, you can dig the surroundings soil a bit to allow for air to pass , so that the wet soil dries.
      Check roots if not infected.
      All the Best from Rizwana!

  6. Hi
    I have planted in pot in my home garden
    It bears flowers but after some time they become black n fall down. How to protect them please let me know

  7. Hello Anonymopus, welcome to Garden Care Simplified! its sad that the flowers in your custard apple plant drop, so the plant may not be getting fruits. Usually fruit plants in containers do not get sufficient nutrients to give out healthy fruits.
    I think the type of fertilizer you add is not appropriate for your plant. Add cowdung only and see whether the plant loves this feed.
    Try trimming some parts to allow new growth , maybe the new plant will have more strength. Keep the plant small, less number of flowers, so they will give out large sized fruits.
    Hope this helps! All the Best from Rizwana!

  8. Just bought an expensive custard apple in Dubai. Will try starting the seeds in pots. Not sure if I will be in Dubai to see fruit, but will still try grow it. Thanks for the info.

  9. Welcome to Garden Care Simplified Deepak! Clean the seeds dry them well, and put for some hours in sunlight before planting. I am sure they will spring into beautiful plant and custard apples give fruit fast. All the Best from Rizwana!


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