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Wonderful video of Brahma Kamal spiritual flower actually blooming and withering in one night Shared by Our Reader Suresh Misra

Brahma Kamal actually Blooming video, check out this wonderful video of Brahma Kamal spiritual flower blooming and withering in one night, such a wonderful life of majestic beauty!shared by one of readers of Garden Care Simplified,Thank you Suresh!
This is such great news , you can watch the actual bloomingof the flower and how gradually it starts closing as if lived its life of majestic beauty.
I really wonder how much energy the plant puts in in bring up such heavy big sized blooms and then the whole process of peacefully patientlyopening of each petal and the wide open flower of Brahma Kamal, and as the night moves on it is so happy and then comingofdawn the wholeprocess goes backwards, life lived like a super star!
watch the video, it gives goose bumps, my heart just skipped a few beats! too good! just no words left, view this beautiful experience shared by our reader of Garden Care Simplified.
Thank you very very much Suresh Misra for this …

Heavenly Flowers of the Brahma Kamal Blooming Thank you to reader Irudayraj Excellent capture of Brahma Kamal flowers in bloom

Heavenly Flowers of the Brahma Kamal Blooming Thank you to  reader Irudayraj Excellent capture of Brahma Kamal flowers in bloom in full glory, I still wonder the flower takes so many years to come up in many plants and the glory remains just for a night, but what a beautiful life it leads with full majestic happiness and proud elegant aura.
The time taken for buds to appear, the process of gradually representing life as it blooms, some of the viewers also actually see how the sepals and petals gradually open, maybe it also must be communicating with a nature song, if I experience it definitely will share whether the flower makes a sound while opening..

The loss no doubt is irreplaceable as my love bird has passed away on September 19th 2014, still coming over the grief, ...

my loss should in no way come in between the happiness brought about by this beautifully wonderful  share!
 Meanwhile thank you very much Irudayraj for this lovely share, God Bless you!and May loads of Good luck an…

Window Gardening Window Sill Gardening 9 Important tips for starting your own window sill garden

Window Gardening Window Sill Gardening is coming up a lot today in homes as with space crunch we are seeing a lot of plant lovers opting for small spaces in windows or window sills to let out their hobby of love for plants. Window gardens give lots of fresh energy to your living rooms with lovely fragrant plants. Even bedrooms can have green window sills to wake up to a new day with fresh green colorful view. We had a window garden before the terrace garden and I have years of experience in growing window sill garden plants.
1) Select plants that do not require direct sunlight for many hours as most windows receive sunlight for only few hours of the day . There are many flowering plants (our roses did not bloom in the window garden  and with the open terrace are going wild with heavy blooms and fully loaded bushes!) that will never bloom if they don’t receive direct sunlight for at least few hours of the day, so choose plants that will manage with lesser sunlight and space.
2) Keep c…

My blue bird Boku passed away please pray for her

Please pray for her soul, My lovely friend, Blue Love bird passed away yesterday Friday morning 19th september 2014, fajr prayers timing, 5.30 . very very sad, she was intelligent, active and graceful with loads of royal attitude, Three years she gave me so much love and always listened to me. Till last day she was active, female love bird she laid many clutches of eggs and till recently had stopped, but this one took her life and she couldn't, ... she was on her feet till last night also and did not show any signs of sickness....May Allah give her a beautiful swing, may have already given to this innocent soul, and loads of companions as here she would be alone and not mix with other birds but loved to be near me and always followed my instructions. 
The last day I spent with her as she was unable to sit and was on her feet most time. Warm water soaking and warm oil and loads of prayers , she allowed me to stroke her and the fluffiness reduced with this. Since past many days she w…

Why You Are Not Able to Grow Plants in Hanging Baskets Some Very Important Tips for Fully Loaded Hanging Baskets Flowering Tips

Hanging baskets not only add beauty to your garden with most flowering plants growing beautifully in them but also make the garden design attractive and give a visual appeal. The advantage of hanging baskets is they leave the floor space free for use and also do not require much acre except watering and few trimmings. 
We all love the heavy hanging baskets full of flowers and even though they look beautiful and easy there are some tips and trick to maintain your hanging baskets beautifully loaded with blooms. Though we nowadays get ready hanging baskets with lovely flowering plants and ornamental grasses after the season many plant lovers see that the hanging basket plants begin to look dry and then the plant dies off after a period of quiet time. Does not give out flowers and also does not grow any more new leaves. The lovely bunches of happiness give a fuller look and most of the times  the containers are fully covered with plants and flowers giving them a look of almost a bouquet …

How to grow Five Senses Garden Spice Garden and Important Tips for Mint and Coriander Growing

Hit all your five sense, grow Five Senses Garden. Herbs and spices , most can be grown in containers and not only do they smell great and look great but also add up on the beauty of your kitchen garden. Mint grown in containers is a great source used in most stomach and digestive cures, and is grown very easily in containers. With partial shade, and of course protection from birds, sparrows and pigeons love to pluck them off, and regular but judicious watering mint plants give lots of healthy leaves. Very easy to grow mint, just purchase mint from market, take lower portions of the stems and keep some leaves on it and stick this in soil. Very few days the stem starts new fresh lime green leaves.
Ginger is another one I love, very easy to grow and can be grown from rhizome purchased from market. Cut off a rounded piece which can grow new roots soon and then put this in container just below the soil, and soon new green leaves sprout from the rhizome of gainer. The leaves are similar to…

Unique Patterned Bamboo Plant Grow the Chinese Good Luck bamboo Plant with Twists and Twirls Pattern Guidelines

The costliest among the Chinese Good Luck Bamboo Plants are the ones that are twisted and twirled with beautifully patterned stems. From hundreds to thousands rupees you get a GoodLuck Bamboo plant that is large and well patterned. With following simple steps you can grow a unique beautifully patterned Good Luck Bamboo plant at home. A very easy to grow plant but many people still struggle to grow it and do not follow simple rules of growing plants.
The Important tip and trick here is understand that the Bamboo plant grows in direction of sunlight. 1) Begin with putting your Good Luck Bamboo plant facing sunlight near the window sill. 2) After the Bamboo plant grows some what taller and is healthy you have to turn the plant gradually and again keep for few days.

3) Once the Chinese Bamboo plant grows twisted pattern then again move the plant facing light. 4) While the process goes on you have to tie Bamboo shoots with thread to guide their growth in whatever direction or pattern you…