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Understanding the Feng Shui Garden

Feng shui is an art and science of selection of good and proper plants to bring harmony in your garden. In simple terms feng shui means wind and water and if these principles of feng shui are considered before making a terrace garden then it will give you a satisfying and good result. The feeling of being relaxed and refreshed is what you will get from your feng shui garden. Tips for a feng shui garden begin from first considering the map of ba gua and the  five elements and directions. Just like you would feng shui your house so also consider the same principles for your terrace garden. Remember your house is yin and garden is yang so choose your plants carefully and selectively. 1- select red and purple coloured tall plants for south. blue and light greens for the north and yellow and pinks for the south west region of your garden. Darker plants for north and lighter , brighter for south. 2. If there is a drain try to minimise the negative energy here and encourage positive chi in this…

Rare Flowers on Cactus Plant

The rose flowers have competition. With winters becoming chilly and the morning breeze flowing the cactus is a great break from the other dry and dull plants. At its maximum beauty the cactus plant has bloomed quite well. It is an attractive break from the greens as this colour flowers look very good. 
 The plant though has thorns, and really big ones, which are concealed behind the green foliage of bright green leaves looks at first glance like any other plant. The flowers are peach coloured and new flowers start with tiny buds of yellow colour. Later the flowers develop into peach coloured and mature flowers are bigger in size. Flowers on this flowering cactus grow in bunches and never alone.
With no special care this cactus plant is a welcome addition to any garden. Do take care to avoid close contact with the plant as they have thorns which at first glance are not visible. The thick foliage of green leaves cover the stem and this is nature’s way to protect the plant from pests and a…

Photographs Pictures of Beautiful Sky View the Sky

Great sky pictures snapped using mobile camera. So easy and quick unlike earlier days when we needed photo reels and cameras for capturing the right moments, now we have mobile cameras which are so handy and I still need to learn to capture the right moment , but still good pictures for an amateur photographer!

Every photographer will swear that sky is an challenging and quite favourite topic for photographs, and as nature has immense challenging potential the sky is never left by photographers a swell as artists who love to paint sky paintings at different times of the day and night. I love the watch the still night clear sky under a blanket of stars glowing at late nights , the serenity is irreplaceable!

Why I don't Need the Lawn Mover and Tips for Growing Green Grass on Lawns

I do not specifically like lawns and though we have a green grass lawn in our society garden it does look fresh and green form a distance. Green lawns look very attractive in any form and are an important part of any landscape design of a garden. With being able to sit and relax on the fresh grass there is no other form of happiness for a child when they touch feet on the freshly watered grass. With many therapeutic uses of walking on fresh grass along with health benefits grass lawns have come to be well known and an important part of any landscape. People grow grass in any form either as a ground cover or as a corner base for other plants and also on side walks to make an attractive green cover for flowering plants.
I have specifically avoided adding a lawn to our terrace garden as I have learnt that in long term the base will get corroded due to continuous daily watering of the lawn and thus will lead to leakages in the flat below. Anyway lawns look good when they cover a larger a…

Custard Apple Tree in Container

My experience and knack to grow different plants led me to try different fruit plants in containers. The custard apple fruit being a favorite I had learned that it is also easy growing fruit plant that gives fruits sooner as compared to other fruit plants. After buying a custard apple plant the main problem I have had was about sunlight requirements and feedings for the plant which is growing in a container in my terrace garden. The plant has progressed quiet well over the past month after planting it in a huge container. There have at present been no specific feedings except for the daily watering. I think the plant will give fruits like any other plant after at least five years after planting or if I am lucky it may also flower and fruit earlier. The leaves of the custard apple plant are wide and have dark ridges. The tree in the container looks like a small plant in the beginning but the size of the leaves is okay like a big tree of custard apple. The fruit custard apple can be used …

Cheery Yellow Flowering Plant

How would it be to bring bright colour in your garden. Yellow colour is proved to improve your mood and uplift your moral. Planting some yellow in the garden will surely brighten up your day and this plant is very easy growing and can tolerate some hours of direct sunlight.

 The sun yellow is a very good colour and these flowers are a mixture of mango and lemon yellow colour. They grow in bunches and the whole stem looks very attractive when it is laden with yellow flowers. Each stem has a bunch of buds coming up and they bloom together to give a great show. .
The plant though a tough one is prone to white aphids and fungus, usually due to over watering. This plant will bloom with the regular feedings of water and fertilizer, but the fungus sometimes does prove fatal to the plant and many times there is no cure except to replace the plant.

Effective and Cheap Air Purifiers- Plants

With atmospheres cooling and giving a pleasant climate we have chilly mornings and hot afternoons. With gardening over the many years I have now learned to focus on planting important plants and those that will last longer and be all seasons plants. Many people are not aware that plants act as air purifiers and air fresheners and that too along with giving us the pleasure of being with nature at its closest.    Having mentioned a lot about air freshener plants like the fragrant roses and rajni gandha let us now mention a few plants that act as air purifiers. We know that the pollution levels are at a high rise and we are daily bombarded with fumes, grime, company wastes and along with that the construction debris, all accumulate and have a bad effect on our health. On studying about plants I have come to understand that plants act as natural air purifiers. As they are living and give out and maintain the oxygen level in the atmosphere. Some people do have a view point about plants…

White Tiny Flowers Creeper

I do not know the name of this creeper growing in a hanging basket but it sure is a treat to the eyes. Each visit to the terrace garden gives me immense pleasure and being in the attitude of gratitude towards God the creator and care taker of all.  Plants growing in all sizes, colours, with big leaves and small leaves, with big blooms and tiny blooms which gave me a mention about this creeper growing in a hanging basket. The leaves of this trailing plant are velvety and rough having I think tiny spikes or fine hair which are clearly not visible to the naked eye.
The blooms are very tiny white flowers growing in bunches. The flowers look almost like small white dots when observed from a distance. At first glance I thought the plant was infected with white moulds. On closer look you get to see the wonder and creation of God by making so tiny flowers. You will almost lose the beauty of flowers if you do not give this plant a second look. Only an experienced gardener will notice the white…

Ixora Flowering Bush

A great plant to grow in the sun but requires partial shade for keeping the blooms fresh longer. This Ixora red flowering plant is grown as a bush. The plant can be trimmed according to your desired space available and grows into new shoots from the cut sides. Ixora bush is available in many colours and shades ranging from light pink to peach and deep red or maroon. White flowers also look good in bunches. The Ixora bush does not require any special care and except for watering my plant is giving regular blooms and the plant is always laden with flowers in red bunches.

Tips and Care for Growing Ixora Plant- Ixora plant requires sunlight for flowering but all in measured doses, that is it will grow healthy in partial shade and few hours of direct sunlight. If exposed to direct sunlight for full day the plant leaves burn and dry and the flowers also will have burnt edges. So if you want to enjoy the colourful bunches of Ixora flowers for long then plant this bush in a partially shaded ar…

Care of Sick Rajni Gandha Plant and Tips for Healthy Growth of Rajni Gandha

One of the easiest and one of my favorites is the Rajni Gandha plant. With fragrant white funnel shaped flowers these are used in garlands and bouquets very often. Rajni gandha plants are propagated by tubers or rhoizomes that is they are lump shaped balls that when planted can be grown as new plants. Hence the plant is also called tube rose plant. These plants are available according to the number of blooms they give, that is the number of stems, Single stem plant, double stem and also there are rajni gandha plants that give heavy six stem blooms that are expensive and rare breed of tube rose plants. The plants grows in clusters of green leaves and can grow healthy in full direct sunlight. Care of rajni gandha plant is very easy and it requires only watering and less feeds.

The main reason the rajni gandha plant will not grow healthy is when they are attacked   by some pests. My plant is frequently attacked by black ants usually after the rains and this leads the plants becoming lim…

Rose Flowers Original Photos and The Fragrant Rose Planting Tips

This is a dream come true. The terrace garden looks very attractive with fragrant colourful rose bushes of so many colours. Roses as we all know are not just for the name as king of flowers, but they are unique and special flowers. Available in so many colours and shades rose flowers are also fragrant and have a heavenly fragrance. Searching for yellow roses since a very long time and finally the search ended and I got a yellow coloured rose bush. I do not know how many plants will survive from these but I wish them all luck! With experience I have seen that rose plants are so simple to grow but they have to adapt themselves to your climate and soil mixture and your watering habits. Once the new rose plant is rooted well and you see fresh green leaves on tips of the stems then you have won.
 After planting them today the peach coloured rose plant did show signs of dropping buds... and the orange shaded variety had a stress syndrome.  Few leaves turned yellow and dropped. Now, will begin…