The Cactus Plant with Flowers

Flowering Cactus
Cactus plants having thorns and are not very much liked by all. Whenever we think of plants we imagine green and colorful flowers. But there are many gardeners who love cactuses. And it is also true that not all cactuses are scary! Many flowering cactus plants have attractive flowers and also some varieties give flowers all year round. I have seen a special garden full of different varieties of cactus and this is totally a specialized field of gardening. I think this is called the walking stick cactus, Cylindropuntia spinosior. having tall stems.
People love cactus plants as these plants can grow in very harsh climatic conditions also and do not require much care. Our cactus plant grows with few watering , but remember to water it regularly as keeping the plant without water will result in leaf drying and dropping.
Cactus plant care and tips for flowering- This cactus plant is also like the other plant which we have but the stems are smaller and they grow tall. As there are many varieties of cactus plant the ones that give out blooms are what I choose. This cactus plant has tall stems and leaves grow on the top end of each stem. With beautiful pink blooms it looks like a bouquet of flowers except the stems are thorny and have sharp thorns. Care has to be taken in handling this cactus plant as the thorns are very dangerous and gloves are advisable while pruning and trimming this cactus plant.
One of the advantages of cactus plant is that they can grow well in plastic containers and pots. This helps to keep the soil moist for much longer and hence the cactus plant will require less watering say alternate days or few days in a week. Flowers are delicate and hence to preserve the flowers for long time on the plant avoid keeping your cactus plant in direct way of wind or strong air currents. If you wish to see many flowers try to keep your cactus plant trimmed before spring season. Winter season ahs given flowers and I do not know how many months this cactus will keep flowering but this is a nice break from the dull winters when all the plants are in resting phase and this cactus gives out lovely link blooms!.
Cactus plants require few hours of direct sunlight  and grow well in partially shaded areas. But for blooming and flowering they require at least some hours of direct sunlight everyday, be it early morning or evening sunlight. Important tip is to grow cactus in well draining soil and even when people advise you to grow cactus plants in stones and pebbles it is very important that your cactus plant gets soil to root and grow well. You can add few stones and pebbles to make a grainy textured soil. And yes do remember to fertilize it after few months as the soil will lose its nutrients due to daily watering and your plant does require the extra nutrients to produce flowers.